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"Unity with Nature, Enchanting Affection" Original Oil Hand Painted Artwork 31.5x39.5 Inches

Absolutely love. I absolutely love her style of painting and will be purchasing again from this shop !!! Amanda Robey

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"Unity with Nature, Enchanting Affection"

This magnificent oil painting depicts a woman embracing the trunk of a tree, whose shape tantalizes the imagination - twisted like the letter S. Her elegance and tenderness merge with nature as she lies against the tree, as if she is a part of it. Behind her, the meadow displays its untouched beauty, while in the distance, the majestic mountain creates an impressive panorama. This painting is a captivating expression of harmony between humans and nature, giving the owner a sense of tranquility and excitement at the same time. Size: 31.5x39.5 Inches (80x100 cm). Enjoy moments of magic with this painting, which is available for sale today!

100% Hand-painted artwork OIL painting

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You will get a wonderful OIL painting. 100% ORIGINAL hand-painted artwork!

Hi! My name is Atina and I am the DogHeroArt artist. Throughout the years of working as a pet portraitist, I have always admired the work of my dear friend Tatyana Kozareva and worked closely with her both to improve my oil painting techniques and as an expert in art counseling. She has always been extremely generous with her knowledge sharing and I owe her my ability to be able to gift my fellow pet-lovers with oil pet portraits. 

Over the years of working on pet portraits, I have received numerous requests and inquiries to paint oil landscapes and human portraits which I regrettably had to decline as it is not my field of expertise. Until one day when I decided to ask Tatyana whether she wanted to work with me on offering what numbers and numbers of customers had asked - oil artwork. Fortunately, she happily agreed and now here it is, her own product on my website. I can not describe how happy and proud I am to be able to be a middleman between Tatyana's incredible gift and my customers' love of oil art! But I will let her introduce herself to you, my customers - the reason why I am still here, doing what I love. Scroll down.


About Tatyana Kozareva

Hello dear friends of the art! My name is Tatyana Kozareva and I am overjoyed to share with you my most treasured moments, recreated into art! On the blank canvases I express that which hides within my soul and to gift them with life makes me truly happy. Even as a child, I spent hours over the white papers watching with interest as
they came to life in front of me. After a long time of me and my biggest passion
being separated, it came back to me one day stronger than ever before. As if I
awoke from a deep dream...I found myself at the place, for which I had long daydreamed - the kingdom of oil painting. It was simple, I just had to follow my heart, it always knew where to lead me.
Today art is my loyal fellow-traveller, who never stops to astonish me, inspire me, and bring meaning to my life. And even if sometimes I am impatient about life, the art process disciplines the very precious patience in me.
From my heart I thank everyone who supports me, believes in me, and helped
me realize my dream! I'm happy that I found my path and wish the same happiness to everyone who still hasn't found theirs.

Customer Reviews

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Staci Curry

Miss Aurelia is beautiful and has my whole heart. Atina captured her perfectly. I will cherish this art for years to come!

Hope K.
Beautiful Rememberance

Our beloved Hank was perfectly and beautifully captured in the artwork. Thank you so much. I highly recommend.

Stephanie Bowman
Beautiful Shepherds

I was so thrilled when I opened my portrait from Atina. She did a wonderful job capturing my beautiful shepherds Thor, Witchie Pooh and Diablo. I will certainly order from her for future pictures. Thank you

Paula Tsipas
Peekaboo pet portraits

Just opened these yesterday and was blown away by how beautiful they were of our “Paisley” and “Bella” maltipoo pups.
The watercolor portraits that Atina painted captured our girls PERFECTLY! I personally LOVE the playfulness of the “Peekaboo” portraits and am so happy I purchased the larger size! They fit in a 27x40 frame with a border and are going to complete our living room perfectly! So grateful for her work!

Hope K.
Beautiful Art work

Just received our art work today. It is beautiful and I a so very pleased with the result. I would certainly order more in the future. Thank you.

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