Hi! My name is Atina.

So excited to have you here! Thank you for honoring both my artwork and all pets out there. Who am I? I'm a pet portraitist still in love with what I do. And what it is? I paint pet portraits primarily with watercolors, pencils and oils (wagging tales, jumping paws and fur everywhere included, lol). Growing up in a family with a veterinarian (that was my grandpa), drawing and painting was my way to fill the time waiting in front of his office while he was taking care of the stray pets I always brought in for treatment, because (and still true) it breaks my heart to see unsheltered and uncared for animals. I'm fascinated by our furry friends' charachters and through art I find my way to capture that spark in their eyes no matter if it's on paper, canvas, a T-shirt, or making that into a puzzle. All I do is based on the sole mission to show the world how amazing creatures animals are.

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Custom Dog Portrait From Photo 100% Watercolor Hand Painting

100% Hand-painted artwork - painting portrait by Atina. With 15 years experience in portrait art. You will get a wonderful mixed technique portrait created by your photo, watercolor, guash, pencil, white ink and pastel.

Each portrait I produce is a one-of-a-kind portrait that my clients can treasure for many years to come. My portraits are mixed media technique and traditionally hand-drawn using the very best materials.

My source of inspiration was greater than ever, and I knew I had to follow my heart and leap into doing what I love full time.

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  • Step 1: Pick a size

    If you'd like to be able to easily move the portrait around, consider 8x10 size. If you have a lot of wall space to fill and want something unique, go for a larger size, like 16x20 or 20x24. 

  • Step 2: Submit photos

    When you're ready to upload your photos, select the option "Upload a photo of your pet." I'll need at least one photo per pet, but if you have a few different ones that you like, feel free to send them all.

  • Step 3: Place your order

    When you are done adding portraits to your cart, simply click “Check out” and finalize your order. As soon as your portrait is finished and completely dry I will send it with DHL Express. 

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