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I love this photo so much! It's so life like

One of the best online purchases EVER

So happy with the two pictures! Got two 24x36 pics and they are so life-like! I was impressed. Rarely are purchases even better than I could hope for!

I loved the portrait! Atina did an amazing job!

Fantastic painting!

Our pup passed away at only 2 years old in a freak accident and we wanted something special to remember him by. The painting turned out absolutely amazing and captured his loving personality well. It came framed and is sitting on our wall table so we can see him every day.

Beautiful picture

It was true to her photo


We had seen this artist on instagram. The painting we received has captured our dog down to the sweet look in her eyes. It is just beautiful. Can’t wait to have her brothers done. Highly recommended!!!


Ordered three prints they all came out beautiful!

Love it!

This is my second piece ordered and it is perfect once again. It captured my dog’s personality so well. Love it!

It brought tears to my eyes when I opened the package. It was like I was looking into my late boy’s eyes. So accurate and realistic. I will treasure this portrait forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Lovely! And amazing, personal customer service

My husband loved the gift of a hand-painted picture of his Maizie. It was a perfect surprise and beautifully rendered by Atina. I want to make sure to say how awesome Atina was to work with. I ordered the pic on a tight timeline, and Atina created it and shipped it very quickly. It arrived a day ahead of schedule and a day ahead of when I needed it. She created and sent it priority without any additional charge. Much appreciated and we will soon be ordering another pic of both our dogs. Thank you for such a special gift!

Pet portraits

I am so very pleased with the two portraits that I have received of my little darlings! This is something I will cherish these portraits forever!

Dog portrait

Absolutely beautiful! So perfect

Maggie Moo

I love my picture! She even captured the little distinctive triangle coloring between her eyes.

Just what I wanted

I ordered two, fingers crossed they would turn out good. Well, they're both just beautiful! I'll be ordering more!


It is beautiful! I am able to see my sweet fur baby everyday since she passed.

Tears to my eyes

Your work caught my eye and I was excited to see how my dogs would turn out as paintings but I never imagined you capturing them so flawlessly. I absolutely love my two portraits of my pups. Thank you for your amazingly fast international turnaround (only 2 weeks!!!!) and affordable prices. It’s a pleasure to provide you 5 stars and recommend you to everyone!

Beautiful work!

this put a huge smile on my face!!

My sweet Lucy DogArt was 100%

Love this because Lucy is aging and this captures the beautiful sweet dog, friend she is and it hangs in my office.

Absolutely beautiful!

The painting is absolutely stunning. I could not be happier about how it turned out. Both of my dogs are depicted as if they are alive and standing next to me. Just lovely!


I absolutely love my picture it turned out perfectly

Wonderful memorial for our family

Our miniature poodle passed away just before Christmas. We had him for 16 and half years and were distraught. Atina did such a lovely job capturing the spirit of our little one. We cried tears of joy over the artist's skill. I recommend Atina unconditionally.

This is the best give for my family. We all love it!!


Completely captured the essence and spirit of my dog. I love it and am so happy with how it turned out. Thank you for this gift!

Peek a Boo Portrait

LOVE LOVE LOVE my portrait from Dog Hero Art. Have it on my shelf in the living room and it literally makes me smile every time I walk by it!