About The Artist

Hi! My name is Atina and I always have had a passion for both art and animals.

 What should I say about me? I know it is very important to know your artist background, I respect that and also am always curious to know more about people's stories, they are the most fascinating part, right? Well, let me try... 

As a child, I remember I would beg my parents to let me bring home every stray cat or dog I came across. While most of the time they said no (and I don't blame them), my weekends were always spent helping feed and care for any stray animals in the neighborhood, so I'd always come home all muddy and scratched. And if any of my little furry friends needed medical attention, my grandpa - who was a veterinarian, the coolest granpa I could ever dream for - would always be there to help, going with my flow, he always made sure I keep my compassion for other living creatures.

Then, I would often spend hooours and hours waiting in his office, eager to see how the animals were doing. It was during these times that I started painting portraits of the animals. Yep, this is where it all started and I was completely unaware that these were my first footsteps in being a pet portraitst. At first I only sketched them in pencil, borrowing them from the reception, of course, but with time I started experimenting with watercolors and other techniques, including the mud and dirt I was still covered with, lol (artsist...)

Over the years, I painted portraits of countless pets - from loyal dogs and cheeky cats to playful parrots and gracious horses. To be honest, horses took me a long time to start with but my grandpa was the one who gave me the leap of fait on that one... Each animal I paint is special to me, and believe me, it's the greatest joy in telling their story through the posibilities of art. 

Well, today I enjoy helping pet owners capture the unique personalities of their furry friends, or to memorialize those of them who are no longer among us. 
I am so excited to start with your projects, my lovely fellow pet lovers, so... go ahead and email me if you need my help and advise, let's create the project that will last a lifetime (and longer)! 

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